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Holy Activity, Batman!

You might have noticed a bunch of posts appear out of nowhere today. It’s like Christmas! I love you guys, so you get lots of my brainial manifestations to read! Woo!

Oh, and also I decided to kill my business blog and move those posts over here. Because they’re full of good information about writing, design, project management, and the way I work, I didn’t want to remove them from the world entirely, and this spot seems like a good compromise. Why did I kill the biz blog? For two reasons:
  • Business blogs need to be updated on a stringently consistent schedule. I kept getting too busy to follow this rule.
  • These blogs also need to provide compelling content for customers, prospects, and partners. I completely agree with this rule, but I was unhappy with the constraints it placed upon me when it came to subject matter. Sometimes I’m completely uninspired for proposal/design topics and just want to write about zombies or kitten whiskers or Firebird tires.

So, there you have it. The Spotted Cat will be the best of both worlds for me, and I think for you guys as well. The subjects will be a bit more varied and we’ll all have a bit more fun because I’m free to be weirder over here. Everyone knows weirdness makes me happy. Also, customers and partners who wind up in this spot will get to know me better, and that is a very good thing.

More manifestations will appear soon! o/

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