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Well, it finally happened. On December 3, the scale said 130 and I said, “Yes! New low!” It took me another ten minutes to realize I had actually hit the goal I set seven years prior: losing 100 pounds. Not gonna lie, I got a little teary-eyed because this is a big deal. After years…

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When Microsoft unveiled its new Band activity tracker last year, I knew I wanted one. I had been ogling the Fitbit Surge for months because I wanted a tracker that could measure my heart rate. Also, I love watches. Brian pointed out that my Fitbit One was still functioning just fine, so I didn’t need…

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Some weight loss setbacks can last years. Mine ended today.

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It’s October, the perfect time for a zombie blog to rise up and eat your face! Quick, run away (because I’ve been lifting weights and I’m freaking hungry)!

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Birthday! Fitness! Adulting! Adventure! Come see!

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Here’s the new Ride Report, plus a few other random updates. It’s posted late due to server issues, but yesterday was in fact Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

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Below is a cut and paste of my first forum post on MFP, made as I approached my 6 month mark with the site and community. I have come to realize that while I may well be able to do this on my own (with H’s support, of course), why should I? We don’t live in bubbles-…

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