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KPotD #183: Outtakes

Oh, Oscar, my little uncooperative photo subject. You keep outdoing yourself and I keep posting the results because they make me snort-laugh. How could I not? The Blep Demon was washing his chest and being cute when Udo decided to horn in because me taking pictures of Oscar means I’m not paying attention to him, […]

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KPotD #182: Drama Continued

Udo, Stan, Oscar, and I like to greet Brian at the door when he comes home from work. It’s a fuzzy chorus of love between Udo yodeling, Stan yelling, and Oscar snorting like the little Nazgûl he is. Oscar added extra drama today by mounting an impassioned flop-attack against the Cray Station. He looks like […]

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KPotD #179: A Rare Dinner Snug

We don’t get as many dinner snug these days because Oscar tends to be busy or snugging Stan. While both activities provide a lot of cuteness, I’ve missed the dinner snugs, so I was thrilled to get one tonight. Between him and that lovey dog in the background, I cannot repel the adorable. They get […]

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KPotD #178: Bathing Beauty

It’s been busy today, so I had to go for post-dinner bathing action shots while the light was still decent. Here is the best result, which is of course not actually an action shot. And of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a glorious outtake. Behold! He was checking on the dog to make […]

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KPotD #176: Pre-Action Shot

Oscar and Stan were having their usual afternoon tussle, so I decided to flop in the floor with them real quick to try for some action shots. This one happened right before Oscar pounced over the box and onto Stan, who deflected his slighter bulk and bounded away. It was a short scuffle, but Udo […]

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