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Slow Afternoons Make Me QQ

I’m back! After my good computer decided to melt down (WTB new mobo and video card, PST), I lost the bookmark to this site and couldn’t remember my login info. That is why there haven’t been any new posts, not because I’m lazy. No, really! At any rate, I’m writing this from work, on a mac, using a mac browser, so it might look weird. If so I’ll fix it from home later.

Today is the day the paper comes out this week. It’s a day late thanks to the holiday, and every mouth-breathing mongoloid in a 50-mile radius has called to rasp at me about the paper not coming out. “Yes, I know, we’re a day behind so they could incorporate the 4th of July celebration into this week’s issue, sir. It will come out tonight. Yes, you can go back to french-kissing your tractor’s tailpipes until about 5:30. Thanks.” Ah, my public.

Aside from the mongoloids, publishing day is always a bit weird. The morning is a mad rush to get the classifieds finished, and then I get to fiddle around for five more hours wishing very much that I could play WoW at work. That would make for awesome instance runs. “AFK sec, customer.” Instead I read a lot of forum threads, gleaning information and giggling at other people’s drama. Not particularly productive, I know, but accomplishing anything solid is difficult when you get interrupted every five minutes. And because I keep getting interrupted, here is a list of random thoughts.

* My ork gets off work in two hours. Yay!
* I’ve had caffeine today, but I still desperately want a Coke. I’m such a junkie. ><
* It’s clouding up outside AGAIN.
* Having an orange cat charge at you squeaking loudly in greeting when you get home is a mood bootser.
* America needs to adopt the European work week.

Normally I’d have transitions between ideas, but not today. This post is disjointed, much like my brain, so you can know how Brian feels every time I talk to him. <3

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