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Random Friday: So Cold

Featured Image: The Cliffs of Brover by Brian Landis (Creative Commons License)

My Fitbit craves steps like the Evil Dead crave souls, so I’ve been out to walk every day this week in spite of the weather. Freezing my butt off in these unusually low temps has taught me a few things.

I’m Part Xenomorph
It’s true! Walking into a north wind with a 5ºF wind chill makes my eyes water constantly. The tears freeze to my glasses and become impossible to remove. This crap is like acid etching loopy patterns into my specs. While I’m pleased to confirm I’m not 100% human, trying to remove acid tears from my lenses is a pain. I should have sprung for the premium coating.

I am an alien queen!
I am an alien queen!

Addendum: on our walk to work this morning I mentioned to Brian that the church bells sounded like they were playing God Save the Queen. Right there on the sidewalk he started singing, “Our lord xenomorph, you burst forth from meeeeeeee!” This is why I love him.

Arthritis Sucks
My hands took a big fat leap down the suck hole this winter, no doubt aided by the huge temperature swings we’ve experienced. Jerk joints don’t want to work when it’s this cold, so I might have to rethink my plan to move up north in the future or start writing by dictation. On the plus side, if it gets too bad I can get this software and then be able to truthfully say I’m training my dragon.

Cheekbones and Collars!
Cheekbones and Collars!

Sherlock Needs to Hurry Up
I’m referring to the TV show, of course. Brian found it for me last year and I promptly binged us through all the episodes. NEED MOAR NOW. You’re wondering how this is related to the weather? I have a wool pea coat with a high collar that I always wear when it’s horrifically cold. Since watching Sherlock, every time I raise the collar I remember John saying, “You, being all mysterious, with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool,” and I titter.

Spring Also Needs to Hurry Up
The forecast for today is 27ºF with an 80% chance of snow. As I was drifting off last night the ever-present ringing in my ears took on the pattern of cicadas buzzing in the trees. I am definitely ready for spring.

It’s been a weird week, but I’ll label it a win and get on with my business. At least tomorrow actually IS Saturday.

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