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Not Dead!

Well, not yet, at least. Just nearly dead. To blaaaaaave…

Anyway, work is still insane, but a slightly lighter shade of it, so I’m leaving a quick note while dinner is in the oven. Here are some observations for today:

Fleetwood Mac still rocks. Awesome show in Tulsa Sunday night, and I thank them for it. They sounded great, Stevie looked amazing, and the crowd that wasn’t sitting around us was totally into it. I hope we can do that again soon, except with more fun people sitting in our section.

My back hurts. Think I spent too much time on my feet today, because ow. For those of you who don’t know, I herniated a disk in my back in February and again, but worse, in March. I’ve been very careful since then and it is getting better, but dang, does it grump when it feels overused. Yay for drugs.

I need more red clothes. Four different people asked me if my shirt was new today and told me I really look good in red. Maybe it’s my magic color and will allow me to amass enormous wealth and prestige. Just in case, I must capitalize on this.

Dinner is almost ready. Bye!


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