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You might be wondering why I’ve been on the fitness choo-choo lately. Because it’s totally working, that’s why. And it’s an opportunity for me to share a great resource that I found a few weeks ago. Here’s the skinny. (See what I did there? Hurr.)

On our first visit to the gym, I decided to give the elliptical machines a whirl because I’ve heard great things about them: low impact, easy for beginners to use, blah blah blah. 

So sleek! So modern! So non-hurty!

So I hopped onto the one with the swingy handles and went to town. Easy, right? Yeah, no. 

After 15 seconds: “Holy crap, the pain! Whyyyy?!”
After 30 seconds: “Nope.” 

Well. That was discouraging. Clearly I must have been doing it wrong, so research ensued. Google found for me an archived blog post written expressly about how to use elliptical machines correctly (because that’s what I asked it). Yay! After reading this article and snorking a few times due to the humor-infused information within it, I bookmarked that site for future reading. I have not been disappointed.

This awesome blog is Cranky Fitness, run by Crabby McSlacker. If you enjoy humor with your fitness, go here often. She’s a great resource and a cool person.

As for my trouble with the elliptical, it seems the old herniated disc in my back just doesn’t care for that machine. At all. Fortunately for me, I can truck along on the treadmill and stationary bike cross-country settings until my feet fall off, so I’m still getting my hour of cardio. (And we all know how important that is, don’t we, kids?! Doubletap!)

Now go on, ask me if I lift. 


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