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KPotD #98: Tiny Guardian

Strong Independent Kitten has been hanging out on the dresser lately so he can keep an eye on the squirrels and robins sneaking about in our yard. He also eyeballs the dog from up there, which is how I managed to catch him being still long enough for a picture today.

The pensive guardian makes sure nobody else is touching mom.

As you can see from that stinkeye, the jealousy battles between Oscar and Udo have become rather scrappy (also whappy). Oscar now rolls onto his back and taps Udo on the head when he horns in on kitten snugs. Udo responds to this by planting his face on Oscar, who really doesn’t approve of being squashed by giant dog heads. I’m glad they’re snorfle scuffling… now we just need to get Udo comfortable with kitten snugs and we’re set. Even big dogs need tiny guardians.

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