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KPotD #91: And Monday Productivity

We got lots more done today, including work and workouts! One of these days I’ll write an update post about the fitness stuff, because it has changed, as have I. A lot. Oscario has not changed much, aside from getting slightly bigger and even more fractious. Here is his favorite spot on the back of the loveseat when he’s not wrapped around my head.

He’s so stinking precious when he sleeps.

As far as night sleeping, he has chosen to stretch between us so he can touch us both for most of the night. If I get up, he comes with me squeaking like the Tiny Ghidorah he is until I pick him up and take him back to bed, where he’ll stomp on my face, flop across my neck, and give me kisses until he falls back asleep. This has impinged on my sleep schedule, but I can’t get mad at that much love. I mean, look at that face.

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