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KPotD #83: Tiny Ghidorah

Oscar weathered his first bachelor weekend with flying colors, hanging out with his feline brothers while Brian, Udo, and I took a glorious camping trip. We kept an eye on him thanks to the wonders of modern technology and he seemed to have no problems, but he definitely missed us. He’s been a rolling, purring, squeaking cockle burr attached to my bod since we got home. When he squeaks, he sounds like a tiny Ghidorah (btw new Godzilla next month, eeeeee!) and it’s the cutest freaking sound on the planet.

It took me 17 tries to get a picture of him because he had to be on me and wouldn’t stop moving long enough for the camera to focus. He’s laying with his butt planted on the back of my neck as I write this.

Tiny Ghidorah murdering his tail again.

He also kept headbutting the camera, which is less than helpful, but the outtakes from today are pretty entertaining.

The Kitten on Haunted Hill strikes again!

This little turkey makes coming home even more joyful.

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