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KPotD #67: Friyay Fun

Oscar has been on quite a tear today with his rampant cute-itude. There were so many pics I couldn’t choose, so here they all are: Kitten Pics of the Day!

Lifting Assistant reporting for duty! He likes to sit on the weight bench with me.

I was halfway through my last bench press set this morning when suddenly, kitten! He hopped up and sat on my stomach with his head tilted like, “Excuse me, what are you doing?” I learned it is difficult to finish bench press sets while giggling with a kitten on your stomach, but I persevered.

Writing Assistant reporting for duty! He also likes to share my chair.

Oscar has a talent for faceplanting, but he also has a talent for tail snugs. Behold.

And he likes to make sure I feel loved. <3

And finally, we had a snug after the work day came to a close. Little guy loves his big fluffy brother.

“I got your butt.”

So much love. It’s been a good day.

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