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KPotD #58: Wednesday is for Zs

Oscar rampaged around the house with his usual zeal today, but decided he needed some extra snugs from his brothers. He hopped in Stan’s current favorite cardboard box and received a bath for his troubles, so he sought a less pushy snugmate. Cue Grandpa Nutter.

Grandpa Nutter likes my heating pad. Oscar likes Grandpa Nutter.

Later on he followed me into the exercise room to serve as moral support. I started a new lifting program this week and he likes to hang out while I mutter to myself and catch my breath between sets.

And by hang out, I mean zonk the heck out. Oscar is uninterested in my bench press progression.

As I write this, he’s zonked again while snugging Stan on top of the recliner, so everyone is on the Snug Train. I approve.

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