KPotD #186: Bench Press Kitten

He’s baaaaaaaack. Oscar had gotten bored with watching me work out and was spending most mornings snoozing in his sunbeam. For some reason, he decided to assist me today and he was very dedicated about it. The bench press appears to be his favorite because he can hop up and stomp around on my stomach between sets. Behold, an action shot!

He was in the middle of turning around to come head boop my nose.

You could think of this as a delay, but I just figure he’s helping me maximize my rest time between sets. Plus, who doesn’t love kitten kisses?

“Keeeeeessss meeeeeeee!”

Look at that face. Of course he got kisses, and then he hopped off to go find his sunbeam and I finished my workout. It was a good morning.

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