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KPotD #174: Coexistence

Nutterbutter went in for his annual buzz cut a few weeks ago and again for a dental appointment last week. He’s an old boy and didn’t have many teeth left, so the vet had to go in and remove them before they wore away and caused him more pain. He is now a toothless old boy, and this past week has been rough on him as he adjusted.

Oscar, being the goofy kitten that he is, has become utterly fascinated with Nutter’s tail since the haircut and cannot resist an opportunity to bat at it, which is what makes the picture below remarkable. They were sharing the counter without shenanigans and were even touching.

This counts as a partial snug.

Oscar has also been keeping him company and escorting him through the house without shenanigans. I’m so proud of him for being a good little brother, but then again he makes up for it by terrorizing Stan. It’s the circle of life in our weird, wonderful household.

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