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KPotD #163: Uncooperative

While he has a talent for being cute, Oscar has an even greater talent for avoiding photographic evidence of his cuteness. I’ve figured out that he has to be distracted or asleep before I can get the really good shots, because if he sees a phone pointed at him, it’s over. Look at this little turkey.

He *was* being cute in the back of his fort, snugging his kick toy.

I got that one as he hopped up to come fangwipe my head because I was in the floor with him. So, I figured I’d get a nice shot of him being all fuzzy and lovey. Nope.

“Yeah, you want a picture, but what was that?!”

He decided a strategic glance at the dog was necessary. Stan was like this too, so I’m hoping he’ll chill out on the camera shyness in another year or so. In the meantime, I am determined to collect fuzzy outtakes in search of the precious gems.

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