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KPotD #157: Sneaky Kitten

I decided to write the kitten post early today, so of course Oscar did his usual afternoon hide-and-seek routine to prevent me from getting a picture for it. I’ve found most of his spots by now, though. He was under the bed and not wanting to come out, so I just flopped in the floor and started taking pictures anyway. He couldn’t resist the opportunity to snug.

He looks like a tiny Dracula questioning your presence in his lair.

Udo had to horn in as I was attempting to get non-blurry pictures. Oscar loved this, but it did not help the blur situation much.

Smiling at the dog and showing off his salt and pepper chest fur.

I can’t complain, though. We had a lovely snug and got some excellent pictures to remember the day, including some outtakes.

Udo was trying to wash Oscar, who indicated his opinion with a paw to the face a second later.

I love these weirdos. It’s been a very happy 4th!

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