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KPotD #140: This Snug

So this happened and it’s so cute I can’t even process it correctly. Oscar has been spending more time around Nutter, who generally doesn’t care, but the snugs have been tentative until… this.

A not so tentative snug.

I’m thrilled to see how well they’re hanging out now. Earlier today, Nutter came into my office to casually sharpen his claws on his cat tower, as he does every day. Oscar decided to try and defend it by leaping to the top and staring regally at Nutter because he knows better than to start a physical conflict. Nutter stared back at him while continuing to sharpen his claws and then wandered off when he was finished. Oscar’s retaliation was to curl up and go to sleep on the tower, so I guess they both won. Happy Monday to all!

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