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KPotD #113: Moar Dad Snugs

We’re all tired after staying up late monitoring storm carnage across the state and being ready to hide if a tornado got too friendly with our roof. Fortunately for us, we didn’t get whomped. We’re just suffering from lack of sleep (and in my case, horrid delayed onset muscle soreness because taking a week off from weight training is pain). That said, Oscario was an extra little snugglebear today and enjoyed some righteous dad snugs.

Hold… me… now…

He also stole a strip of beef from the marinating bowl while I was making dinner, so he got a stern talking to and a tap on the tuckus. Disciplining him breaks my heart because he pouts so effectively, but dude. No stealing from the marinating bowl.

I have since been forgiven and all is well, so we’re off to snooze at a decent hour. Gotta prep for more storm chances later in the week so we can keep these fuzzbutts and ourselves safe. <3

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