KPotD #103: Stream Day

Brian adjusted his streaming schedule today to account for watching one of our favorite streamers and to see how it affected the viewer count. We think it worked out very well and will see how the earlier Saturday stream goes for a while. I liked it because I got the housework knocked out early and was able to copilot from my favorite spot in the living room. Nurse Oscar spent all four hours of the stream on my lap in varying unflattering positions.

Tiny co-copilot: no worries, no shame, no problems.

Nurse Stanley joined him during the last hour to make sure I couldn’t get up and finish the laundry. They were enforcing a rest protocol.

Matching nurses made me feel even better. Not pictured are the orange floof sleeping next to me and the snoring dog beneath my feet.

Overall, we had a great Saturday and got enough done for tomorrow to be a full loaf day complete with an Indycar race and some snacks. Now I just need to kick this bug.

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