KPotD #53: Bigger and Better

Oscar spent a lot of time in my vicinity today, either on my lap or on my shoulders (because he kept oozing off the top of the chair when he fell asleep). During the lap snugs especially I realized how much he’s grown.

The Blink of Love. <3

He actually takes up my entire lap now instead of just one quad, and it seems like that’s happened mostly in the past week as he’s continued to recover from the plague. Such growth spurt. He’s also realized he enjoys the patented Box Experience.™

“No, ma, I will not sit still or look at you for a photo opp. The dog is way more interesting.”

He likes to run full speed into the box and slide it across the room with his entire body inside. If we manage to get video of this we’ll definitely post it.

As it is I’m inclined to keep that box around for comparison shots as he grows. I don’t think he’ll wind up as big as Stan, but what if he does? Oh my.

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