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KPotD #44: Better Day

Oscar has had a much better day today. He woke up hungry and fairly spry, got a huge drink with his breakfast, and played with Stan for a while before napping on mom.

He’s so cute I’m gonna die. Such a good work buddy!

He settled down for some hardcore sunbathing this afternoon and a lot more sleep, which is good for him since he still has a ways to go before he’s back to full kitten strength. This plague was no joke.

He does feel well enough to engage in his favorite chili night activity. After dinner I turned from the sink with the clean crock pot liner in my hands to find a kitten sitting in the base. He was furiously attacking his tail.

He stepped out of it as I went to get a picture, because cat.

Then he immediately hopped to the love seat, scouted the floor below, and bombed Stan. Carnage ensued.


Yeah, I think he’s going to be okay. <3

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