KPotD #33: Nazgûl

As he’s grown over the past month, Oscar has displayed a unique trait among my feline housemates past and present. He has the loudest sniff I have ever heard from a cat, let alone a kitten. It’s loudest when he’s looking for food, and it is impressive.

Think of the scene from Fellowship of the Ring when the hobbits are hiding in the tree roots beside the road and the Ringwraith is sniffing over them as it searches for the One Ring. That is exactly how Oscar sounds. We might have named him Wraith if we had known he had such a loud snoot, but for now, I’ve started referring to him as my little Nazgûl.

And now for this evening’s dose of cute.

He took over Brian’s chair again and was prepared to defend it with tiny whappy paws.
He sleeps like this frequently. How could I not be in love?

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