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KPotD #30: A Month of Oscar

Here we are a whole 30 days after adopting our little tornado of beans and whiskers. He’s changed quite a bit, gaining size, energy, and confidence. Like Stan, he has little sense of self preservation, but he’s become quite good at avoiding Udo’s giant feet. He’s also become quite good at stealing our seats. Here are a couple of shots from today when he took over Brian’s spot on the love seat.

“What, you wanted to sit here? Nah.”
“Seriously, it’s my spot now. Move along.” So I did, because look at that sleepy face.

His first month has been full of love and snugs. He still spends a good chunk of each night draped across my throat like a purring scarf. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but this arrangement could get interesting if he gets very big. We’ll see!

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