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KPotD #19: Saturday Snugday

Today was fairly busy with housework and kitten rampages, but we fit in some quality time for snugs.

Pre-housework snugs, complete with fluffy dog toes (Udo was laying on my feet), random toys, and canine-hair carpet!
Stanislaus doing his Puddle of Evil routine in the chair next to me.

Eventually, I got off my duff and cleaned the house, and Oscar grew some more, so it was quite a productive day. More adventures tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy some rampage footage.

Editor’s note: Due to Youtube’s active support and shelter of pedophiles engaging in pedo behaivor, The Ork deleted his Youtube account, which included the video linked here of Oscar playing. We’ll find another hosting solution soon and repost it. –H

Orky Edit: I have worked out how to host videos natively on our site. We will never be able to replace Youtube’s features, but we won’t be helping pedos either, so that’s a win in my book. Here’s the Oscar Video again!

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