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KPotD #12: The Most Interesting Kitten in the World

Oscar has developed multiple nicknames, including The Most Interesting Kitten in the World. He’s also Oscario, Little Dude, and Cutie Pie. While he spends quite a bit of time on or near me, he’s branched out to sleep in other spots and other rooms during the day, so lately I’ve taken to calling him Strong Independent Kitten. His counterpart, Strong Codependent Rottie, still spends most of his time near me.

Stan and Oscar are playing more and more frequently, learning boundaries and being athletic together. They don’t snug much yet, but the little guy loves to snuggle up to Nutter, who tolerates it, and they have all three slept on the guest bed at the same time, so we’ve made fantastic progress this first week. Oscar isn’t afraid of Udo anymore either, so hopefully Snorfle Scuflfles will ensue before too long. I’ll be sure to post video when they do! In the meantime, enjoy some shots from this morning’s snugfest.

“Why yes, I *am* that interesting!”
Nutter supposes the little guy isn’t too terrible.
“Helloooooo, ladies!”

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