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While doinking around on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I found a post from one of our friends about her current health regimen and she mentioned getting a calorie counting app for her phone. This idea intrigued me because I love both tracky things and techy things. Combining the two could make getting healthier more fun, which could help me get off my duff more often. Yay, right? So off I went to Google Play to find an app for myself, which took about 15 minutes including research.
My choice was MyFitnessPal, and it has been amazing to use. I had so much fun with it the first day that Brian got it as well. Now we’re having a blast scanning foodie barcodes and building our recipes so the app can track all the nutritional information for us. We can log our weights or measurements and it lets us know how we’re doing toward our goals. We can even log our exercise, which has made me break out the Wii Fit Plus and really go to town (as you can see with my orange helper).
Nutter providing moral support on the Wii Fit balance board.
Maybe I’m just weird, but being able to quantify this stuff has made said stuff a lot more fun to do. Then again, people like to see results, even in little increments, and that’s what such fine-grained tracking does. Progress so far has been steady and we’re active every day. Funny how something as small as a phone app can not only give us something new to do together, but also simplify a normally painful process and make it fun.

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