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CPotD #374: Bunny Terrorism

H’s parents came to visit us to say an in-person goodbye before we fly the coop next week. It was a lovely visit for us and them, but not so much for Oscar. Oscar does not do well with visitors. He has lived almost his entire life with just us in our home, courtesy of our introverted natures and the global pandemic. To him, guests are an invasion of his sacred, safe space.

He spent nearly the whole visit hiding behind the washing machine.

A couple of hours after the house cleared out, he came out to get some loving and reassurance. After he verified that the house was indeed empty of infidels, he charged both of his kick toys and began frantically murdering them in turns. I just happened to catch him as he flipped from Pinky to Leopard. Note the derpy MLEM tongue:

He’s an idiot, but we’re glad he bounced back from 36 hours of terror to become a little bunny-kicking-terrorist in his own right.

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