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CPotD #373: Internet Problems?

Yesterday morning, I got up and began puttering around the house. Even with the movers doing the bulk of the heavy lifting for our actual move, there are a ton of little tasks that have to be knocked out to get ready for the move itself as well as the selling process.

The cats came and went with their usual morning routine, minus one. Oscar didn’t come out to say good morning. In the process of looking for him, I noticed that our wifi didn’t seem to be working. The whole network seemed to be down, actually.

Then I found him.

The little turkey had figured out that he could make it from the counter to the top of the fridge. If he jumped JUST RIGHT from the fridge, he could scrabble and claw his way on top of those cabinets, which just happens to be where I keep our router. He’d managed to step on the switch (I guess?) to the power strip and turn it off, rendering our sophisticated home network another sad victim of cat violence.

Writing blog posts on your phone is possible, but less than ideal.

He then proceeded to chew on the router’s antennas, because he’s an asshole and he knew I couldn’t get to him easily.

God help him when I do.

As soon as I remember where we packed the ladder.

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