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CPotD #333: Christmas Kitten

Oscar grew a lot this past year, both in weight and in learning how to cat. He turned out to be a weird cat (mine always are), but he’s still the most affectionate, snuggly little guy I’ve ever seen.

I know he’s not a kitten anymore, but I’ll always see him that way, and I’ll always feel like his love is a gift.

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  1. I feel like tuxedos are the most…well the most everything!!! I thank you for sharing stages of Oscar this year!! He reminds me so much of ours that we lost early this year…relatively close in age as well!!! One thing is for sure they have a personality that can’t be explained unless you’ve had one!!

    Thank you for making my heart warm through your fir babies!! And the smiles and giggles I’ve gotten when I see your emails!!

    1. He is definitely extra! I’m so glad you’re enjoying our posts about these fuzzy goofballs. We love to share them, and knowing they make others happy makes it even better. Thank you for hanging out with us!

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