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CPotD #304: Thankful in 2020

Editor’s Note: I didn’t notice that our web host had rebooted. This post didn’t go live when I scheduled it to. My bad.

I’m not going to go all in on a gratitude post right now. That’s an actual post that should be written rather than just a Critter Pic of the Day post. But it’s Thanksgiving, and I hope we all have something to be thankful for. One of my happy traditions is to take out some of the old dishes that were my Mother’s. Then, break out the silverware, mix in some of our new dishes, and it’s a cute spread. I’m sentimental sometimes, sue me.

Black cat staring at Thanksgiving food on table, thinking of stealing.

That said, Stanley was also very thankful, as he spied with his beady eyes, a plate full of chicken with all the fixin’s, which he attempted to steal before the kitten was gettin’.

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