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CPotD #294: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Buckle up folks, because it’s another bonus CPotD from the Ork. The Cat spent yesterday doing chores, cleaning up the filthy house, which had devolved into a place Shrek would have been happy to call home while she was away.

While she was cleaning away and working her brains out, I asked the dog if he was a good boy. The specific inflection I used was the same one I use when I follow it with “You are? And what do good boys get? They get tReATs TrEaTs TREATS!” Thus, this face:

Note that Oscar appears in frame. He knows that tone of voice too, and will warp himself into the room when he hears it. Just in case I happen to drop a piece of treat. By accident. Totally by accident.

They all got a load of treats, of course, because JESUS, LOOK AT THAT FACE.

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