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CPotD #293: One More Time!

After the Cat returned from her California Dreamin’, she slept for the better part of 24 hours, since she’d been up for two days at that point. Red eye flights suck. Red eye flights on Delta suck even worse, since Delta Airlines apparently thinks Covid-19 and flight regulations are no big deal. They booked every single seat on her flight home. Social Distancing is for people who want to live, and as we all know, people who want to live NEVER FLY DELTA. If you care about anything at all, fly any other airline.

So she slept. A lot. And that means she didn’t have time to schedule a kitten post. And me being me, I said “hrmph, not my problem” and ignored the issue. We came to a compromise. She sleeps and I’ll write the post.

That means you get to find my new buddy, Spiderbro 3.0. Well, SpiderBroette, I guess:

Wolf spider with an injured leg, captured in a blue cup to be released.
She’s so damn cute I just want to pet her!

I was tooling around this morning and I heard H squeak from the bathroom. I came to investigate and she told me “the biggest goddamn spider in the world just came to say hi.”

There on the floor was indeed a very large wolf spider. She’d gotten a leg broken, which had clotted with some dust and hair from wherever she was hiding (behind the dryer most likely) and was slowing her down. I suspect a cat found her in the evening and she got wounded during her escape.

We carefully gathered her up into our Spider Cup (yes, we have a cup for catching and releasing non-dangerous spiders like this one) and I snapped a quick picture. You can see my ring and fingers under the spider to give you a sense of scale. I’m a bit of a chonker so my fingers are about the size of a hot dog.

This lady was a whopper, for sure. I set her free out in the garden, where she can heal and eat a metric ton of bugs at her leisure. Her leg will heal up and be just fine the next time she molts.

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