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I’m back with the Ride Report this week since the Ork had it covered last Sunday. We made immense progress today. Check it out!

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People tell me this is a good town, filled with great people. Every time I hear someone spouting that ballscrat, I wonder what town they live in, because they don’t live in the same Duncan I do.

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You read an article about how easy it is to organize your life when you prioritize. You’re inspired, so you sit down to brain about your daily tasks and make a plan to accomplish more each day. Yeah! Then you realize the laundry is still in the washer, your life isn’t that simple, and you’re getting a headache. So, you abandon the braining and return to Netflix, because Downton Abbey. Oh wait, that’s me.

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First Morning Glory of 2015, by Heather Lee

The last couple of weeks have been great, full of hard work and happy surprises. Here’s an update on recent happenings for the Ork and I.

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I’ve been unusually busy lately. Haircuts, clothes shopping, and paperwork have filled the past couple of weeks due to a big change on the horizon. Here’s why I’ve been learning to get up at 5:00 a.m.

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Uh-oh, now I’ve gone and done it: buzzed my melon. My new hair is a cross between Carol and V’GER, and I… I love it.

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I am too brained out to focus today, so here’s a rundown of the current goings-on. Taxes, haircuts, and alarm clocks: should make for an interesting week.

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Hair. It’s a big pain in the neck, especially for those of us afflicted with the naturally curly type. Read on for tales of questionable haircuts and spectacular bedhead.

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Looking For a Few Good Books via

In which I expound upon my latest reads and how I found them.

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Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed, February 13, 1984

Do you remember those dreadful coffee ads from the 80s? You’re about to.

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