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Best Wedding Ever


We’ve known each other for thirteen years now (what the crap?!), from suffering through “leveraging” and Vishnu to frequently laughing our butts off in public. I consider you one of my best friends, and there’s a reason for that. You’re a smart, well-read, cheevil verbivore with a weird sense of humor. You put a lot of passion into the things you care about, and hanging out with you has always inspired me to be better.

You like to do your own thing, which is fortunate for the rest of us, because your own thing is awesome. Your wedding proved unforgettably so. I know you want to remember your big day, and to that end I offer what I will always remember about it. Given our beginnings, and being a technical writer down to my bones, I cannot resist putting this into a bulleted list. You know you love it.

  • Those hand-made decorations (banners!) and guest keepsakes were so cool. The work you put into making the day more special was really evident.
  • Matthew’s introductory speech incorporating the houses was a unique and excellent explanation of your partnership. The fox is so you.
  • Roger is the first groom I’ve ever seen stand up before the ceremony and speak. It was obviously heartfelt and really endearing. I generally sneer at people who cry at weddings, but he almost made me tear up.
  • Walking down the aisle to music from the Neverending Story was eleventy kinds of win.
  • The Dudeist Priest (I love you for that) stating that you guys were only having a ceremony so you could update your Facebook statuses cracked us UP. That was the first time I’ve ever snorked at a wedding.
  • Your vows were perfect…I snorked again!
  • You gave us La Fiesta for dinner. :-D :-D :-D
  • You…Roger…cake dropped… *chortle*
  • Your first dance was snuggy and adorable.
  • We loved all of the music. *MJ dance*
  • Both of you were lit up like glow sticks at a rave, and it was wonderful to see. You made everyone there happy by osmosis.

Brian mentioned before the ceremony started that he felt honored to be there. We both did, and we’re thrilled for you guys. Live that dream!

Now admit it. You just went to all that trouble so I’d finally go to the library here.

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