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CPotD #031: Routines

Udo is a creature of routine, much like I am. He was exceptionally cute today after our morning walk, so I decided to get a picture before the obligatory post-walk crunchies were dispensed. This is his “I Deserve Crunchies Because Good Boy” face. You can even see his little white eyebrow hairs, and we have […]

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CPotD #028: Udo’s Third

Today is the third anniversary of the day we adopted Udo from the shelter. He is now approximately five years old and still going strong with his loving, joyful, ridiculously enthusiastic self. As you can see from this pic with his two favorite toys and the crumbs of his latest rawhide treat, he hasn’t changed […]

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CPotD #025: Sleepy Boy

Udo loves his bed almost as much as he loves snugging us, so when we aren’t available for snugs, he retires to his own spot. He finds housework especially boring and was nodding off while I was folding laundry today. I’m just happy he still likes his bed after three years. He’s a good sleepy […]

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