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KPotD #205: Scrappy Bois

Stan and Oscar provided us with another almost-action-shot this evening! They were scrapping on the bed when we got home from running some errands. Stan was in the process of thumping Oscar on the noggin for jumping on him while he was trying to snooze. Oscar was distracted by the dog possibly getting pets instead […]

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KPotD #203: Sleepy Support

Oscar came in to help me lift weights this morning, as he often does because he’s my moral support kitty. This session was a bit different, though. He hopped up on the bed and went right to sleep instead of winding around my ankles for 20 minutes first. Naturally, I had to document the change. […]

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KPotD #202: Sunday Slugs

Today was our relax day after getting so much done yesterday, when we did chores, did laundry, and made a trip out to acquire a weight rack and some more weights for my Iron Temple (aka new power cage). Oscar did his best slug impressions with us, but also managed a couple of almost-action-shots. He […]

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