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KPotD #49: Bachin’ It

Mom left us to go spend time with her elders, so we’re taking advantage of the break to get our swag on, order up some hookers and coke, and blow the roof off this place like proper bachelors.

I had Oscar put on his best tux. Stan agreed to tag along as the ultimate wingman in his sleekest, shiniest duds. We were stylin’. We were ready to go trawlin’.

The Boys are lookin’ SHARP.

Okay, so they’re actually just waiting for me to feed them, and going out and trawling for side action is way too much work, especially since mom is coming back in a couple of days (and I’m a blorby chungus anyway), so I ended up sitting around and playing Beat Saber until I broke my Oculus Rift.

Well there go my plans for the rest of the time she’s gone. Now I’ll just have to fly around in Elite: Dangerous.

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