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KPotD #41

Since Oscar got his booster shot on Friday, he’s gotten a pretty nasty chest cold, just like Stan had. Since Stan got the bug FROM Oscar, we don’t think it somehow came back, but rather, Oscar seems to be having a mild reaction to the shot. We’re hoping he feels better by morning, but if he doesn’t, it’s off to the vet he goes.

He’s still Oscar though, and has been chilling, eating, and sleeping all day. He’s just snottier and congested. He was sleeping in Mom’s lap earlier and she laughed too hard at something on the TV. He gave her the patented kitten “BITCH!!!?” look, got up with a huff, and waddled over to me. 3 seconds later, he climbed my chest, flopped with a thump, and lashed his tail out at her. A minute later, he was asleep and slid down into my arm, where he stayed for the rest of the evening.

Oscar has a cold, but he’ll be better soon. For now he needs to sleep more than usual.

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