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KPotD #26: Yeet the Z’s

It’s been a relatively quiet but productive day in Landisville. My morning started a hair before 5AM when I heard one of the cats coughing and hacking repeatedly. Worried that our resident elder (Nutter) had gotten sick with the Kitten Plague, I got up to check. Lo and behold, Stan, who had been feeling quite a bit better after his vet visit, had settled into the routine of a hideous feline chest cold. He’s already on antibiotics and this is just a result of the Kitten Plague, which is viral. It’ll just have to run its course while we comfort and love on him. He’s a tough healthy cat, so he’ll be back on all cylinders in no time, but for now he’s coughing a lot and is very grumpy about it.

Weird side note: Stan HATES coughing. I don’t mean he hates when he coughs; he hates it when ANYONE coughs. Any time Heather or I cough, he looks over with his patented “You effin’ me?!?” look, and if we do it again within thirty seconds or so, he begins squalling and angrily meowing at us each time we cough or breathe. It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever had a cat do. So his coughing is probably driving himself nuts, the poor dude.

Since I was wide awake, I decided to just get up and work on the web server a bit. (Have you noticed it’s faster and more responsive? I’ve spent the last week poring over the back end of it trying to optimize everything I can, since we’re actually using it now!) A couple of hours later, Heather got up to join me in the land of the living.

She got her cup of morning coffee, flopped on the couch, put her feet up, and within minutes:

Heather on couch with coffee, three cats, and one huge dog.
This is called “Coffee Sits” in our house. Usually it’s one cat and one dog.

After a while, Stan got up to move to the Craystation. He can’t really get comfortable for long right now, but he loves his hammock and spends a lot of time there. He was gone for approximately six tenths of a second before Oscar tore ass off of Mom and hopped over to the Craystation as well. Normally he spends his time attacking it and whichever cat is in the top portion, but this time, he decided to actually JOIN Stan up top and play nurse.

Stan and Oscar snugging in the fuzzy hammock.
Nurse Oscar deeply offended that we’re committing HIPAA violations without patient consent.

Oscar became offended at our picture taking and left Stan to himself, so we began shuffling around to do errands. Fast forward a couple of hours later and we flopped back down for a well deserved lunch break. I look over and realize that while we’ve been doing stuff, the kitten has straight up expired:

Oscar, looking like a piece of roadkill.
Oscar being Roadkill while snuggling Udo’s fox toy, which was on the couch pending floor vacuuming.

Oscar sleeps with complete, utter abandon.

More snugs and warmongering ensue, and we finished out our errands for the day. I realized I was totally worn out from getting up early and doing stuff for most of the day, and I’d also neglected to wear a jacket for most of the afternoon and had gotten thoroughly chilled, so I decided to flop in bed for a 30 minute warm-up and power nap.

An hour later, Heather stole in like a thief in the dark and took this without my consent:

Oscar, curled up and sleeping in Brian's arm in bed. Brian was also asleep.
I had no clue he had joined me.

I’m sure Heather will have more to add, once I give her phone back to her.

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    1. I think you can throw it out there pretty often, we’re pretty lenient about that kind of speech in these parts.. :D That little monster really does know he’s cute though, and uses it to his advantage every chance he gets.

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