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CPotD #576: Watching True Evil

The weekend is generally divided into two phases:

  1. On Saturday, Heather furiously does chores to get all our bits and bobs sorted, cleaned, put up, pulled down, and generally shipshape. I watch.
  2. On Sunday, she sits on her butt and recharges to prepare for the coming week. I watch.

This Sunday, she was watching a Judas Priest concert that had happened recently, and Mr. Bear came over and began punching me in the gut. Every once in a while, he gets his can full and just needs me to sit on the floor with him, which I dutifully did.

Mom watched TV, Dad watched the dog, and the dog watched HIS baby, who was crashed out on the top of the cat tower.

Stanley watched no one, choosing instead to soak in the words and sounds of his minions on this world. He’s so evil he doesn’t even need to hear them played backwards to understand their true meaning.

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