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CPotD #544: λ

Nutter has officially crossed well into “Old Ass Cat” territory. We got him in early October 2005, when he was about two and a half months old. That puts his actual birthday somewhere around the end of July. He’s now legal to drive in the US, though I’m sure as hell not telling him that.

He’s settled beautifully into his role as resident Grumpy Old Codger. He reminds me a lot of Tai, the eternally mouthy Siamese I had, who aged gracefully and somewhat timelessly, and who I was convinced would live to be 30. I maintain the same suspicion for Nutter. He’s 16 years old, and while he’s a bit more deliberate in his movements, he still gives the others hell when they get too bitey, and he makes the leap to the counter unassisted with no problem every day.

It’s funny that he loves sitting in the sun, being radioactive, because I’m honestly not sure he’s even hit his first half-life yet. Here’s to outliving all of us, buddy.

(Yes, that’s what the title means. Lambda is the symbol used to denote decay constant in a half life equation.)

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