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CPotD #542: Kumbaya

Making new friends is Udo’s favorite part of our morning walks. We live in a dense urban area now, so there are a lot of streets and they’re filled with an ever-changing variety of people and critters. Even the same street will usually have at least a few new faces on it each morning. Udo wants to befriend every single one of them.

(On a related note, I kicked our walks up to 2 miles this week, and I am in mourning for my mornings. And my ass, and my calves, and my poor broken knee, and… you get the idea.)

This morning, we were spotted by a very large, very puffy Holstein cat (black and white like a Holstein cow) who was not even the tiniest bit interested in making either of our acquaintances. On the rough and tumble streets of LA, I absolutely applaud and support her caution. Who’s to say what that big dog wants from you?

Udo however, did not understand why we can’t all sit around the campfire howling and singing and sharing treats together. He doesn’t see species, he just sees new friends he hasn’t met yet.

Despite all his urfing, all his wiggling, and his absolutely on-point application of “THE EARS,” Ms. Holstein refused to come parlay. Udo may live in a color blind world, but Ms. Holstein doesn’t, and that’s okay. She’ll come around when she’s ready.

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