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CPotD #540: Recharging

With all the extra walking Udo and I have been doing, I have to charge my watch more often.

I plugged it in and wandered off to find a cup of coffee. When I came back, the watch was nowhere to be found. Stanley was asleep on the loveseat, bundled up like a stack of pelts. My watch, however, was nowhere to be found.

Being old means becoming mentally deficient. I figured I must have taken it off somewhere else MEANING to charge it and then got distracted before I could plug it in. I began searching.

Thirty minutes, later, no watch.

I was standing behind the loveseat, reliving every mistake I’ve ever made. Stanley, ever keen to my moods, languidly stretched and meowed at me, rolling over cutely so I’d pet him and feel better. My watch slipped out from under his chungy girth when he did.

Ever the opportunist, Stanley found himself a chance to pilfer. This asshole stole my watch, then enjoyed the show as I searched for it for a half hour. I guess that’s how HE recharges.

I’ll let him out of the fridge this evening.

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