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CPotD #386: Echo!

Early in the afternoon, the menagerie arrived at our new home. The cats were over it. We were over it. But we made it. After some back and forth with the property manager, we got inside and started making it ours. It’s going to be a few weeks still, and there are the usual bumps and hiccups (like the owner’s personal belongings taking up half the garage), but we got here. The first sunset was everything I remembered, and the smell of salt air is just present enough to detect. Our new home is going to be amazing.

After we got a little unloaded, we set our our trusty camping chairs and tried to figure out what to do for dinner. It wasn’t 30 seconds before the dog collapsed in a heap on Heather’s feet.

He spent 3 days sleeping in a truck and sleeping in a camper, and now that we’re home, his first priority was to sleep more. On Mom. There’s no surer way to know we were home than that.

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