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CPotD #310: Laika (Flashback)

I decided to make today’s CPotD a flashback. I dug into archives and quickly got lost. Would you believe we have just shy of 50,000 digital pictures going back 20 years? (To be fair, I keep originals and edited versions, so that inflates the count a bit.) Then I realized it might be fun to look for a picture taken on or near today’s date in the past. Say hello to Laika, my father’s rescued golden lab, circa 2004!

Laika was a vigorous bouncer; she’d hop straight up in excitement when you had a toy and were about to throw it. Even though she was old and grey by the time this picture was taken, she still leapt for joy when she saw me holding a ball for her to chase. Note how her feet don’t have shadows touching them – she’s airborne in this picture! As a young dog, she’d play so long our arms would be sore the next day.

She was an amazing pup and had a riot of a life. Some 250,000 miles of road trips blew through her ever-sniffing nose. She taught us all a thing or two about enjoying the simple pleasures.

Everything in life can be an adventure, if you’re willing to bounce a little.

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