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CPotD #286: Meow-Fu

I sat down on the foot of the bed to get my shoes and socks on. Suddenly, I heard a very Bruce-Lee sounding squeal, followed by the unmistakable sound of a big paw forcefully thumping into something. I whipped my head around and caught the beginning of a vigorous Meow-Fu match between Oscar and Stanley.

Two cats, play fighting, one on his back while the other towers above.

Oscar came in at full tilt, intending to do a drive-by swatting on his bigger brother. Stanley is very nimble for his size, so he easily avoided the attack. His counter-swat sent Oscar tumbling on to his back and they began squabbling in earnest, which is when I took this picture.

Slap fights between the brothers is nothing new, but they’re usually very dynamic affairs. It’s a bit like trying to photograph a snake attacking a rope in a hurricane. Even though it’s blurry, I’m glad I got a little evidence documented.

When Heather finds my body, maybe she will be able to piece together what happened.

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