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CPotD #284: Unabashed Affection

Oscar does everything at 150%. After Mom left, he leaned hard into Dad to get his daily affection. When he gets really going, all the fur on his body puffs out like he’s scared. Sometimes he gets so worked up even his skin gets lovy. It makes our little guy look pretty odd when it happens, and it happens a LOT.

Tuxedo cat rubbing himself on a man's beard

He gets lovy when things get uncertain. He gets lovy when any of us enter the bathroom for any reason. No, I don’t know why. Finally, if he’s within striking distance of my beard, he gets lovy.

So with Mom gone, Dad in the bathroom, and the beard within reach? His entire body puffed up like he’d hit a live wire and he spent 20 minutes kneading and rubbing himself against every inch of my face he could reach.

My home-alone time hasn’t been very alone the past few days.

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