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CPotD #281: Mourning in OK

After we’d been home from the airport for several hours, Udo began to realize the grim truth: Mom Isn’t Coming Right Back. He went into full mourning and hid in the bedroom.

Dog pressing his face against owner while looking up forlornly.

While he’s in mourning, he watches out the bedroom window for Mom to return. He might eat a little after a day or so. This time, he was in full despondency for 36 hours. When I came home from work, he walked right over to me, shoved his head in my gut, and made me hold and snuggle him for an hour.

Good thing he’s already dressed in black.

He’s also going to lose his freaking mind in a couple of weeks when he sees her at the airport.

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  1. Oh. My. Word. This post made me sad!!!! I bet he’s lost without mom….I know my fur babies miss me like crazy when I’m away!! Praying the time passes quickly for you guys!!

    1. The good news is that you’re going to like one of the upcoming posts quite a bit then… There might be a toy in his mouth and there might have been romping and playing involved. Maybe.

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