We Made It!

After a somewhat harrowing journey across the country in the early stages of the polar hellxpress, we made it to our new home in Southern California. We rolled in Monday afternoon and have been busily dealing with all the things that come after moving. Phone calls with movers, getting utilities going, unloading, supply runs, figuring out where the hell In-N-Out is.. you know, the essentials.

We’re here and slowly working through the mountain of boxes. Jesus, we threw away/donated/sold half our stuff before the move, and we still have all this!? It’s kind of fun when you open a box and both of us go “What is that? It’s not mine…”

What all of this means is that critter pics will be resuming very shortly. We have a ton saved up from the trip, as well as some we’ve taken since we arrived. There will also be a post or three about the move itself, but that will wait until we have the office set up. Right now I’m typing on The Cat’s laptop with a router, our NAS, the cable modem, and our server all in a noisy pile behind the laptop, with boxes and cables everywhere.

Here’s another well known tip we didn’t appreciate until now: drawers are actually Satan. They hide all the crap you forget you have until you move. Movers carefully pack everything up and then you can’t find your power strips that were in the 3rd drawer because they’re mixed with lunch bags, loose paper, pens, batteries, LEGO, silverware, and whatever else was in the other 12 drawers around the one you need.

If you have drawers, take a moment of self love and go clean them out. You absolutely have a ton of crap you don’t actually want in them!

Critters soon.

–The Ork

2 thoughts on “We Made It!”

  1. GRATEFUL you guys made it and are getting situated!! Been thinking about you guys all week!! Suffice to say, you guys are better there!! Snowmageddon sucks!!!

    1. Thanks, Joyce! We’re happy to be here after such a crazy trip. It felt like we were fleeing before the weather until we hit the California border. We’re still in the unpacking stage, but we can do laundry now, and that feels amazing. You guys stay safe!

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