About Us

You want to know about us? Fine. Here’s the short short version:

What We Do

The Ork works in IT with generous sides of “Whaaaatever.” In addition to sharpening his legendary computer skills, he enjoys bicycling, woodworking, photography, gaming, and yelling. The Cat works as a professional writer. In addition to verbing on the daily, she enjoys reading, housecat-snuggling, cooking, and getting off her butt.

How We Met (From The Cat’s Perspective)

Brian and I met during the Fall of 1999. I had bought a computer to help with grad school and immediately got sucked into a free game included with the machine: Heroes of Might and Magic II. Being completely clueless about the workings of game franchises, I blundered into Might and Magic VII at the store one day and thought it was the same type of game. It was not, but I got sucked into it anyway because adventure! Not too far in, I was hung up on a minor puzzle and found message boards run by the game company (RIP, 3DO). I posted my question and was thrilled to get a straight answer from an ork named Landis. Over the next three years, he became my best friend. The persona I happened to dredge up for those boards was a shape-shifting druid whose other form was feline, so… ork and cat.

We’ve been together since 2002, and we’re still going strong. Waaagh!

How We Met (From The Ork’s Perspective)

We played a lot of games together back in the day. She talked a lot. I listened a lot. She flung herself at me. I acquiesced. I put a ring on it. Now it won’t leave.

How can I get in touch with you guys?

You can find up-to-date contact info for us here. If you want to know more about us, that’s the best way to find out.

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